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Q: What sort of clothing should I bring with me?

A: In low season (Spring and Autumn) it is quite mild we suggest you bring a jumper incase it gets chilly, especially in the evenings (a fleece is ideal).

The summer months are very warm so swimming costumes, shorts and T-shirts are really all you need. Except if you like walking and exploring, then bring some stout shoes. If you wish to visit mosques then ladies, please remember to have something to cover yourselves (shoulders, heads and knees).

If you find you have left something at home you will enjoy haggling in the local bazaar’s.

Q: I’m a vegetarian, will I have trouble with the food?

A: No trouble at all. Turkish food is varied, with lots of salad and vegetable dishes as well as very tasty rice’s, cracked wheat and fruit. For those of you who enjoy eating fish, you will have a real treat!

Q: I don’t like spicy/hot food. Will that be a problem?

A: It shouldn’t be! Turkish food is subtly flavored, not spicy hot like Indian or Thai. You could stick to the more European elements like cheese, salad, potato, eggs for example. There is always plenty of choice and you can always speak to the cook onboard.

Q: Do I need to take bed linen and towels with me?

A: Bed linen and cabin towels are provided but you’ll need to bring your own beach towels. You can wash and dry them on board, a washing line can be found on deck.

Q: Are we allowed to sleep on deck?

A: We would highly recommend you sleep at least one night under the stars. It is an unforgettable experience especially in July/August when the shooting stars are prevalent. You can take your bedding up from your cabins but beware of the dew, it can sometimes be heavy.

Q: What currency should I have with me?

A: Most Turkish businesses will take sterling, dollars or Euros and cash points are fairly common in the towns but not in the villages. I would suggest Euros if you find Turkish lire difficult to master. We accept all the above currencies and also travelers cheque’s.

Q. What about tipping the crew?

A. It is customary to tip the crew but not compulsory and it is usually done at the end of your cruise and we recommend tips of between £40 and £60 per adult for the whole crew per week.

Q. What about hidden extras?

A. The only extra charges would be for motorised water sports, excursions and the bar (We do offer an all inclusive bar rate of £10 per person per day from 11am to 11pm). Transfers are included for parties of four or more booking a cruise.